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Buffalo NY relief for Knee hip shoulder and back pain

Buffalo Arthritis & Joint Pain Center is home to our exclusive "Life Without Joint Pain" program where we use minimally invasive procedures designed to help the body repair damaged tissue while quickly reducing inflammation and pain.

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 Learn about our "Life Without Joint Pain" program
exclusive to Buffalo Arthritis & Joint Pain Center

"Life Without Joint Pain" 
Exclusive to Buffalo Arthritis & 
Joint Center

  • Our breakthrough, non-opiod procedures may delay or even replace the need for surgery
  • Don't live in pain any longer.  Long lasting solutions to make you feel great again.
  • We stop pain fast to allow you to have more mobility and less pain
  • Decrease pain without surgery or pain medications
  • ​Non-surgical fast pain relief to get you back to enjoying life again!
  • No downtime and may only require 1-3 visits
  • Our breakthrough, non-opiod procedures may delay or even replace the need for expensive or painful surgery
  • ​Don't live in pain any longer
  • We stop pain fast to allow you to have more mobility and less pain
  • Non-surgical fast pain relief to get you back to enjoying life again!
  • Decrease knee pain without surgery or pain medications
  • ​No downtime and may only require 1-3 visits
arthritic knee relief, knee replacement surgery bone on bone pain, synvisc

Knee Pain

Whether you have bone on bone knee pain, osteoarthritis or been told you need a knee replacement, or age has caught up with you, we offer a safe and effective alternative to get you out of pain and make you feel great again!
wrist pain relief carpal tunnel hand arthritis


Maybe you have an overuse injury or numbness into your fingers or possibly even carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have hand or wrist pain and difficulty making a fist due to pain, we can help.
hip replacement surgery alternative buffalo arthritis center, cortisone

Hip Pain

Trouble walking without pain? Or maybe you've been told you need a hip replacement? We have you covered with the latest in office non-invasive procedures to stop pain fast to have you enjoying life once again.
golfers tennis elbow buffalo arthritis and joint pain center

Elbow Pain

Tennis or golf anyone? Not with stubborn elbow pain! Most elbow pain is caused from overuse or injury to the elbow joint. If icing or physical therapy aren't helping, it may be time to discover other pain relief options.
hip replacement surgery pain

Shoulder Pain

Torn rotator cuff or trouble lifting your arm above your head? Discover how to start living "normal" again. Whether that includes playing sports, taking care of your yard, or picking up your grand child, we can help.
plantar fasciitis relief buffalo ny western ny


Foot and ankle pain can wear you down fast. One of those things we take for granted! Whether its plantar fasciitis or ligament damage from an injury, we can help you get the pain relief you deserve and help you heal quickly.
sciatica disk herniation back surgery pain spinal decompression buffalo ny western ny

Back Pain

Do you suffer from sciatica, disk herniations or just plain old stubborn back or neck pain? Do you have trouble being able to do the activities you love to do? Been through it all and still have pain that just won't go away? We can help you stop the pain fast.


Nerve pain in the feet or hands can have many causes;  From diabetes, autoimmune diseases and even side effects from cancer treatment.   If you are uneasy on your feet and want to regain your balance and decrease pain, we are here to help!

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Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Frederick “Mick” McClimans
Frederick “Mick” McClimans, DO is an orthopedic surgeon. Earning his degree at A.T. Still University in 1981, Dr. McClimans also holds the title of Associate Professor at Nova Southeastern and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. 

With over thirty years’ experience, Dr. McClimans has obtained an excellent reputation amongst his peers in the medical community as well as the patients he treats.

He offers his patients conservative, nonsurgical and surgical expertise for any type of orthopedic and musculoskeletal problem.
Dr. Gabriel Halperin
Gabriel Halperin, DPM, is a podiatric surgeon and the Medical Director of Podiatry for New Life Medicine.   

With over 30 years’ experience in podiatric medicine, 
Dr. Halperin believes in the science of medicine and customizes treatments for his patients. Dr. Halperin has published numerous articles on wound care, chronic foot and ankle pain and nerve damage in the lower leg.
Dr. Joseph Greco
Joseph Greco, PhD, PA/C, is a Hair Restoration expert. Internationally recognized as an innovator in hair restoration, Joseph F. Greco, Ph.D., PA/C, is a widely published lecturer and teacher.

He is also highly regarded for his medical applications for orthopedics. Dr. Greco pioneered the use of growth factor technology in all phases of hair transplant surgery and non-surgical treatments of hair loss diseases in Male / Female pattern hair loss, Alopecia Areata.
Dr. R. Lance Johnson, MD
R. Lance Johansen, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon is a highly trained board-certified orthopedic surgeon. He earned his medical degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School in 1994, followed by a Residency at the University of South Alabama and a Fellowship at Florida Orthopeedic Institute.
Dr. Rajen Naidoo
Rajen Naidoo, Chief Medical Officer brings a 30 year history in the biosciences to his role as Chief Medical Officer of New Life Medicine. 

A physician scientist with a doctorate in Medicine from Yale University, he also holds biomedical engineering degrees and completed Orthopedic Surgical training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After a career teaching orthopedic surgery in NYC at Mt Sinai School of Medicine, 

With attention to detail and a profound understanding of how the body moves and functions over time, Dr. Naidoo is able to help his patients heal from their injuries and return to lifestyles they once enjoyed.
Dr. Leonard Karadimas
Leonard Karadimas, DO, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. With over twenty years’ experience, Dr. Karadimas has obtained an excellent reputation amongst his peers in the medical community as well as the patients he treats. 

His advanced training includes arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery, minimally invasive techniques for the knee as well as hip replacement and joint preservation.

Dr. Ed Shockey
Dr. Edmund Shockey is a board certified physician specializing in the field of chiropractic.  He uses chiropractic care and naturopathic medicine to help his patients regain their health and have a higher quality of life. His ultimate goal is to provide each patient with individualized care based on their own personal needs and physical demands.

Dr. Shockey attended Life Chiropractic College West in San Francisco, California where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and Valedictorian of his class in 2006. 

He went on to further his education by receiving training in Functional Nutrition, Performance Fitness, Posture Correction, and Wellness Coaching. He's also a certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant. The doctor is an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine. 

Dr. Shockey serves patients who live throughout the greater New York City area with an office conveniently located in midtown Manhattan and Buffalo NY.

Christine Bochenek, Nurse Practitioner
Christine is from the Dayton, Ohio area where she graduated with a Master of Science degree in Nursing from Wright State University in 2002.  She worked in various clinical and administrative nursing positions in the state of Ohio prior to coming to New York.  

A large part of Christine's dedication is to helping patients suffering from chronic pain.  She grew frustrated when Ohio rose to the second highest rate of opioid overdoses in the United States. As a matter of conscience, she was driven to identify a better way forward to help patients be free of pain and allow them to experience and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Get Back To Your Daily Activities Without Pain...
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