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Your trusted source for joint pain solutions
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Non-Operative Arthritis &
Joint Pain Solutions in WNY

No matter how long you've suffered with joint or muscle pain, we  will provide you with the answers you need to live life to the fullest.  We use minimally invasive procedures designed to help the body repair damaged tissue, while quickly reducing inflammation and pain. Our breakthrough, non-opiod procedures may delay or even replace the need for surgery.

  • Don't live in pain any longer.  
  • Long lasting solutions to make you feel great again.
  • We stop pain fast to allow you to have more mobility and less pain
  • Decrease joint pain without surgery
  • Non-surgical fast pain relief to get you back to enjoying life again!
  • No downtime and may only require 2-4 visits

Chemo Induced Neuropathy - Balance restored and no more walker!  Sleep restored and now wants to travel again

Knee Pain relief in one treatment.  Able to go up and down stairs one step at a time.  Was told he needed a knee replacement.

Non Operative
Arthritis & Joint
Pain Solutions

Are you tired of feeling limited by joint pain and arthritis? We can help you get back to the activities you love.

*Say goodbye to constant discomfort and start enjoying life again

*Don't let joint pain and arthritis control your life any longer

*We have solutions that can make a real difference. We here to help you live your best life. You don't have to accept chronic joint and muscle pain as a normal part of aging. Let us show you how to find relief and live well.

Pain is finally gone in knees and she can squat again!  From pain level of 9 to a zero in one visit.

From waddling like a duck and having to use a cane and now able to  walk without her cane in one visit.

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We provide you with the next generation of non-operative joint pain solutions

If you have chronic joint pain or been diagnosed with "bone on bone" joint problems, osteoarthritis, or are looking for a non surgical option to solve your joint pain, we are here to help!

We believe in technology and our caring team to help resolve your health problems and get you the results you deserve without any downtime or lengthy rehab.

Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Whether you have bone on bone knee pain, osteoarthritis or been told you need a knee replacement, or age has caught up with you, we offer a safe and effective alternative to get you out of pain and make you feel great again!
Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Trouble walking without pain? Or maybe you've been told you need a hip replacement? We have you covered with the latest in office non-invasive procedures to stop pain fast to have you enjoying life once again.
Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Torn rotator cuff or trouble lifting your arm above your head? Discover how to start living "normal" again. Whether that includes playing sports, taking care of your yard, or picking up your grand child, we can help.
Back Pain

Back Pain

Do you suffer from sciatica, disk herniations or just plain old stubborn back or neck pain? Do you have trouble being able to do the activities you love to do? Been through it all and still have pain that just won't go away? We can help you stop the pain fast.
Wrist / Hand Pain

Wrist / Hand Pain

Maybe you have an overuse injury or numbness into your fingers or possibly even carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have hand or wrist pain and difficulty making a fist due to pain, we can help.
Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain

Tennis or golf anyone? Not with stubborn elbow pain! Most elbow pain is caused from overuse or injury to the elbow joint. If icing or physical therapy aren't helping, it may be time to discover other pain relief options.


Foot and ankle pain can wear you down fast. One of those things we take for granted! Whether its plantar fasciitis or ligament damage from an injury, we can help you get the pain relief you deserve and help you heal quickly.


Pain in the feet or hands can have many causes;  From diabetes, autoimmune diseases and even side effects from cancer treatment.   If you are uneasy on your feet and want to regain your balance and decrease pain, we are here to help!


Trouble walking without pain? Or maybe you've been told you need a hip or total knee replacement? We have you covered with the latest in office non-invasive procedures to stop pain fast that will have you enjoying life once again.
Knee Pain


This is where the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells in the body, leading to inflammation and tissue damage. These conditions can affect various parts of the body, including joints, skin, organs, and glands.

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Kathy V.

My specialist suggested I needed another knee surgery. I didn't want anymore surgeries since I already had 13 surgeries in 10 years. That was enough!

After my first treatment with Buffalo Arthritis & Joint Pain Center, I walked without a cane! They never gave up on me. I'm so thankful I decided not to get knee surgery.

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